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Custom size Dinosaur fleece cage liners made to measure
Custom size Dinosaur fleece cage liners made to measure

Custom size Dinosaur fleece cage liners made to measure

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Custom sizes to fit ZooZones, Vivariums, Critter Nation, C&C, Hutch, Ferplast, etc. 

These custom fleece liners are made to fit the set up that you have, the liners are a popular choice being soft absorbent fleece, 'little feet' safe and machine washable. There are three types of liners:

  • Double fleece liner - standard liner with two fleece layers
  • Triple fleece liner - three layers of fleece adding an extra layer of absorbency
  • Padded fleece liner - two layers of fleece with padding in the middle for added softness and warmth

To select the correct size for your liner, the total area needs to be calculated. Measure the inside length and width of your enclosure and calculate the area with the below formula:

Formula: Length x Width = Total Area Squared
Centimeters example: 118cm x 48cm = 5664cm2 (this will be liner size D)
Inches example: 45in x 20in = 900in2 (this will be liner size D)

Size Area in centimeters Area in inches
AA Under 2499cm2 Under 388in2
A 2500cm2 - 3399cm2 389in2 - 527in2
B 3400cm2 - 4399cm2 528in2 - 682in2
C 4400cm2 - 5399cm2 683in2 - 837in2
D 5400cm2 - 6399cm2 838in2 - 992in2
E 6400cm2 - 7399cm2 993in2 - 1147in2
F 7400cm2 - 8399cm2 1148in2 - 1302in2
G 8400cm2 - 9999cm2 1303in2 - 1550in2
H 10000cm2 - 12399cm2 1551in2 - 1922in2
I 12400cm2 - 14899cm2 1923in2 - 2309in2
J 14900cm2 - 16800cm2 2310in2 - 2604in2

 ⭐⭐ When ordering PLEASE REMEMBER to add the measurements in the note box. I need the length and width that was measured when selecting the size. If you forget to add it to the note box then please email info@thehoghouse.co.uk ⭐⭐

All liners are made seamless however, the longest length that can be made seamless is 150cm/59". Anything longer will have a seam that is reinforced.

If you are ordering a liner prior to your enclosure arriving please note that the dimensions given by the manufacturer are for the largest external points of the cage and not necessarily the internal floor where the liner covers.

Liners can be made to allow for stairs or a built in housing however, please message me prior (sending a pic/diagram would also be helpful if possible). I would prefer to give you a definite answer and for you to have assurance that it can be made to your specific set up before ordering.

Have any questions? Ask away!

⭐ Please see returns policy on custom orders, as this is a custom order no returns are accepted unless there is a default.   

✂️ SAFETY: All products are little feet safe; they have been made with hidden seams to ensure that there are no loose threads or edges that could catch little toes. All items are made in a smoke free environment shared with a few hedgehogs.

🧺 CARE: Easily washed at 30'C/86'F on a short or hand wash cycle. It is best to shape the item back into its original shape after washing and allow to air dry. Do not tumble dry. For the safety of your little one please check for wear and tear.

⏳ TURNAROUND TIME: Items are made to order; I do my very best to make orders ASAP but the hogs distract me a lot! On average I need 5 working days for this item.

📦 SHIPPING: If you would like a faster service/tracking please see the upgraded shipping options at check out. Standard shipping does not include these.

Average standard shipping times:
UK please allow 3 - 5 working days 
EU please allow 5 - 8 working days 
USA & CA please allow 10 - 15 working days 
ROW please allow 14 - 21 working days

♻️ SUSTAINABILITY: I try to use as many recyclable elements in my packaging. The cardboard boxes are FSC certified or pre-used to reduce our impact. Did you know that great things come in recycled packaging? Yip, they do!