📦 Fee shipping on UK orders over £50 and EU orders over £60 📦 Read our Covid-19 update here ⭐

Covid-19 Update

Due to the volume of orders and reduced work pace there are delays even though I am working 7 days a week to make items ASAP. Supplies are slow to arrive too but I am doing my best to ensure I have enough to keep making snugly items for your little ones. 

Orders are taking longer than normal to arrive because of pressure on Royal Mail. Please be kind to your postie - they are processing volumes with a reduced workforce. 


Are you still open?

Yes, I am still able to make and fulfil orders however please expect a few days delay. It is only me making and doing all aspects to fulfil your order while also trying to deal with the new norm. 


Are you shipping overseas? 📦

Yes, but there are postal delays to all destinations and it is highly recommended to select tracking.

Each country has their own postal restrictions in place and please be aware that the posties are working their magic to get your order to you as quickly as possible with fewer resources. There are long delays to Canada and the United States in particular due to fewer flights.  

The latest postal updates can be found here: https://www.royalmail.com/coronavirus 


What precautions are you taking?

I am following the governments guidelines by staying and working from home, I have limited contact with others (it is only me and 4 hedgehogs) as well as following the hygiene and social distancing rules. 

If I should start to feel unwell I will contact all customers to advise and discuss their order.