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Who Has a Pet Hedgehog?

Who Has a Pet Hedgehog is a great book to give as gifts and help future hog lovers to learn about them from an early age. I have already purchased two as gifts for my friends kids since they like my hogs so much. 

Based on the real daily life of Odin the author's hedgehog, Who Has A Pet Hedgehog? describes how a little girl and her multicultural family take care of their pet. Inspired by the special bond between the author's daughter Victoria and Odin, the story introduces the basics of hedgehog care---housing, diet, health, handling, and bonding. By following a day in their household caring for Odin and how the family occasionally enjoys decorating Odin's enclosure for special occasions, so he can be part of festivities, Who Has A Pet Hedgehog? provides children insight into what it is like having a hedgehog as a pet before getting one, or simply have fun imagining what it is like to have one.

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