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The Hoghouse Vivariums

I often get asked how I built my three stack vivariums so I thought I’d outline some details below. I have done a viv tour video which can be found on Instagram on my IGTV tab.

You will need to have the following items:

📦 Materials:
Ikea Kallax unit (4x4)
Perspex doors (6 doors)
Door Rails/Tracks (3) 
Door Handles (6)
Vent Covers (12)
Sticky Back Plastic/Wallpaper (2 x rolls) 

🧰 Tools:
Wood Glue
Measuring tape
Tape (I used electrical tape)

I assembled the Ikea Kallax unit as per their instructions however only putting in the partitions at the bottom level for storage and support. For the upper levels I didn’t put the partitions in.

There needs to be some form of support in the middle as the weight of the unit will push down on the sliding doors. You can either put poles up by cutting them to size and nailing them in while you build or if you have access to a saw you could put in one of the partitions and have a doorway cut into the partition. I originally built mine without a support and the doors stuck once I started storing items on top of the unit. I then decided to put supports in and make a mezzanine level with a ramp. 

I then turned the unit on it’s side and nailed the backboard in place, covering the three viv areas. I then drilled out four holes in each level for vents and holes for the heat mat/thermostat cords to go through. I put electrical tape over the join of the back boards just to make sure it’s secure and then I cut the sticky back plastic/wallpaper to cover the back board and go a little onto the bottom of the viv to make a secure seal.


Next, I measured and cut the rails so that they ran the full length of the front. Glue the rails in place, I put the rails and doors in the same time and then left them to set overnight. The next day I attached the door handles and gave it a good clean.

Then get ready to move the hogs in!


This three stack viv cost me about £180 to build and the hogs love it! You can keep costs low by looking for a second hand unit online. 


🔗 Links:

Kallax unit

Door Rails

Perspex Doors 

I ordered 720mm x 332mm and 4mm thick (no curved corners)

Vents Covers

Sticky Back Plastic

Name Decals by Furnishables