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Hedgehog Spy Cam!

After setting up our EZVIZ camera and spying on the hogs for a while, I thought I would share the perks of having a hedgie spy cam! 🔭 So far I have found the camera great to spy on the hogs, I have mostly set it up to watch all of the vivs from a distance so I can see what they are all up to but I  have also added a mount to each viv so that I can move it each night to have a close up view! 

I bought my EZVIZ Indoor HD Camera from Argos (link below). When collecting the camera make sure it comes in a box that is sealed, I had a issues where a camera had been returned by a previous customer but the device had not been uninstalled from the previous users app so it could not be used by me. 

✔️ It's all operated from an app on your smart phone and is easy to install

✔️ You can use it as a live feed and record from your phone. Or you can have it record to a cloud (monthly subscription) or Micro SD card (I did the SD card option where it records when it detects movement)

✔️ It has a magnetic base so you can move it around to different locations by attaching metal plates at different points

✔️ It records in colour during daylight and switches over to night camera when the light gets poor

✔️ You can set a motion notification to get an alert when there is movement, it also records a snippet to capture the movement

✔️ You can put it on sleep mode if you don't want it to record

✔️ You can add up to 4 cameras on the app 



Check out a few of our clips on Instagram: