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Food for hedgehogs with few teeth

Oscar is getting on in age and has lost a few teeth over the past year so he is battling to eat the hard biscuits. He now has to have soft foods served to him on a daily basis! 🦔

He now eats his normal fresh food (mice and veg), worms, softened food biscuits (I pour warm water over the biscuits and they become soft) and the below soft chicken.

He laps up his soft chicken so this is by far his new favourite, I hope these tips help someone if they are battling to satisfy a toothless hogs appetite! 


Boil water in the kettle.
Place the chicken in a pot (I make in bulk so bought a 900g pack of chicken).
Pour water into the pot making sure to cover the chicken and that water level is a few centimetres above the chicken.
Boil for 40 mins.
When cooked take the chicken out of the water, the water should have reduced by half however do not throw the water away.
Let the chicken cool. If you used chicken on the bone pull all the chicken off the bone. Discard the bones.
Combine the chicken and the left over water the chicken was cooked in and blitz with a hand blender or food processor.
The 'chicken soup' will be quite runny. If it is not runny you can add extra water, mine was like the consistency of a melted tub of ice cream.
Serve warm.

Refrigerate or freeze into portions. The soft chicken mixture will form a thicker consistency when cooled (like pate) but will go back to being runny when warmed.

I make in a large quantity and freeze portions in ice cube trays so it is quick and easy to prep at dinner time. When it is time to feed the hogs I take a cube out and defrost it in the microwave for him. I just make sure it is not too hot and let it cool a little before putting it in for him so he doesn't burn his mouth. 🦔